Monday, November 30, 2009

Essential items every artist should have: (Part 2 of 5) Where is your business card?

Traditionally in business when two people meet for the first time they exchange business cards. Although this is changing, it is still professional to engage in this practice. This is important to note because not everyone has their demo (music business card) on them at all times. It is bulky and hard to carry around, but business cards are easier. You can keep them in your wallet and by having a business card ready shows that you are not just an artist but that you are responsible and professional. So what is in a business card?

1) Your card must look professional. Make sure that all the information is on the card free of mistakes and easily readable.

2) All relevant contact information should be clearly marked. (Full Name, phone number, email address, website address) Also, you might consider adding other sites where you or your music can be found. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin are a few good choices.

3) Always ask for the other person’s card or information. You do this so that you can follow up with a quick email note a few days later. This will remind them of who you are, where you met, and

By investing a little money, as little as $20 can get you a professional looking business card which might just cause a few doors to crack open just enough for you to bust them down later. Here is a link to purchase business cards for very cheap.

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