Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Essential items every artist should have: (Part 3 of 5) Where is your team?

Behind every artist that has every “made it,” there is a team of people in the background supporting that artist. It is impossible to do everything it takes to promote yourself and still make good music in a decent amount of time. If you disagree with this statement and think you can do it on your own. Good luck and I hope you send me an “I told ya so…” message some day but I doubt it. Although many of these jobs can be handled by one or two people in beginning, it is important to recognize that everybody needs help. Do not be too proud to search for it. Here is a list of some essential people you need to enlist in order to move forward in your career.

1) Manager – Handles everything from your schedule to tying your shoes.
2) Producer – If you have no music you have nothing
3) Booking Agent – You have to perform in shows.
4) Publicist - Promotes your music and tries to get you interviews in print and radio.
5) Street Team – People who hand out flyers, promote your music, website, and shows.

1 Artist 1 Beat
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